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We have hit zero

Levi’s counts have zeroed out!! This is exciting, though extremely scary as while we waiting patiently for signs of engraftment, this is also when things can go south very quickly.

The drop in Levi’s counts also marked another indicator of treatment with his hair starting to falling out in clumps. When Levi noticed a clump of hair on his bed, he pointed to it and asked the question “Belle-Belle?” He thought that Belle had shed her fur on the bed.

As Levi’s hair was falling out thick and fast, we decided it would be best to help it along and give him a hair cut. Lucky the volunteer hair dresser was on the ward that day and she was able to give him a buzz cut for us. Levi wasn’t particularly happy about it and was clinging to me the whole time while hair was going everywhere. Though once we were done he seemed much more comfortable and didn’t need to worry about hair falling in his eyes or irritating his face anymore.

When I showed him a reflection of himself he commented “Juju”, thinking I was showing him a photo of Jude.




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