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Filling the gap

To date Levi has done extremely well with his food intake, though with some mild signs of mucositis and his counts dropping, so is his appetite.

It’s obvious the chemo has altered Levi’s taste buds, as foods he normally loves are now looked at with confusion. Some foods seem to burn the inside of his mouth, as after one bite he is madly trying to remove it as if it is hot lava. Other times he just seems to wonder why the food he normally eats looks appealing, though just doesn’t taste the way he remembers. Chemo supposedly gives food a metallic taste.

This afternoon the decision was made that Levi would need some help maintaining his nutrition and a nasal gastric tube (NG) was inserted. We knew that an NG was only a matter of time, though everyone was surprised that it wasn’t needed earlier as normally it’s inserted 2 weeks ago.

An NG insertion isn’t the most pleasant procedure to witness, let alone when you are assisting with restraining your child while they are fighting having it done!! At least he didn’t remove it immediately, like he did the last tIme he had one.

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