Everyone needs to have dreams because if you don’t have dreams, you have nothing to aspire to. Levi and Jude are still a little young to articulate their dreams, but it is not hard to see what makes them happy or makes them dance or wiggle with excitement. This page is dedicated to dreams and goals that we are setting for the boys to mark the significant milestones of their treatment and the eventual goals once they are both cured.

Goal 1: Take Levi up in a helicopter
We are fortunate enough to currently live under South Cares southerly flight path to Canberra hospital. Every time Levi hears the low thud of South Cares rotors in the distance, regardless of where we are or what we are doing, we are dragged to the door to ensure that he has prime position to watch the helicopter as it flies overhead. As we witness each time the size of his smile at seeing the helicopter, this is why this is ranks at Goal 1 for his first milestone.

On the 4th of October, this wish was granted, check out the post – A day, ‘helping people’

 Goal 2: Take the boys to Phillip Island to see the penguins
Levi is a massive penguins fan, we have lost count of the amount of times that we have had to endure Happy Feet 1 & 2, but for some reason it always makes him happy. So setting a goal that is a little closer to home seems reasonable and we know that this would make this process all the more bearable for the little guy.

THE FINAL GOAL: Take the boys to Boston to watch the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway
Now this is a difficult one to explain. The Red Sox are Nathan’s favorite team, so by inheritance, the boys are under an obligation to follow in their dads footsteps. Given the level of merchandise that the boys are regularly seen in we believe that a family holiday to the United States is our way of saying farewell to the disease and allow our family to move forward to a positive, happy and healthy future. It would be crazy to travel all that way and not take the boys to Disneyland as well, so obviously a trip to Anaheim is also on the cards for this final goal.