A bone marrow transplant is a long and isolating process.  We will be living away from home in another city for 3-4 months, away from our loving dogs, the creature comforts of our own space and our family & friends.  Though the process does not stop there, once we return home we will be in further isolation for 6-9 months.  While we know you might be out there thinking of us, during this time we are really going to need to feel love and support.

  • Give us a call
  • Show us that you are thinking of us by sending an e-mail, text or commenting on this website.

Please don’t feel like you are bothering us and need to give us space, we will be in isolation and craving a non medical conversation.  If it isn’t a good time to take your call, FaceTime or Skype we just won’t answer, it’s that simple, so leave a voicemail or send a text and we will know your out there thinking of us.  Just don’t be offended or take it personally, as unfortunately we don’t know how this treatment is going to run and obviously Levi & Jude come first and doctor’s never let you in on their schedule!!


We would love you to visit, though there are a few things you should know…

While we are in Hospital:

Jude will be located on a ward full of immunosuppressed kids.  He will be in an isolation room and only certain people will be allowed to enter that room.  Only 4 people who aren’t hospital staff!!  So if you have come to visit Jude specifically, it will be through a glass window and you can speak to him through a phone near the door of the room. Nathan, Jayde & Levi would love visitors and we can meet with you on the hospital ward/ grounds.

  • If you’re sick, please don’t come until you are 100%. Even if your throat is a little scratchy & you’re not sure if it is anything, it’s best to stay away. If you have an explosive stomach and you’re not sure if it’s from a dodgy lunch or a gastro bug, don’t risk it as none of us can get sick during Jude’s treatment.
  • If someone you live with is sick,  please don’t come until the  household is well.
  • If you wanted to bring a gift for Jude, Balloons are the new flowers. Whatever comes into the isolation room needs to be able to be cleaned, so he isn’t allowed stuffed animals, flowers, plants & fruit.
  • Please call ahead before you come, as it might be a bad day.
  • The ward only allows visitors to Jude between 9am – 5pm.
  • Please don’t wear hand jewellery; rings, watches etc or nail polish (Only applicable to those interacting directly with Levi)
  • Please be mindful what you are tracking in on your shoes, as again this ward is full of kids who are immunosuppressed and can’t be exposed to soil etc.

Again we are happy for visitors outside this time at the Parents retreat on the ward, Ronald McDonald House or somewhere on the hospital campus, though again please always text or call before coming.

When we have been discharged, though are to remain in Sydney:

We are still in isolation so the above rules still apply.  As well as knowing Jude won’t be able to interact with children until his team have given him the all clear, Levi is the only exception to that rule.

When we are home:

Have you had a whooping cough & flu vaccine booster? Have a couple of hours to spare? Then we would love you to come and play with Levi & Jude. Unfortunately Levi still won’t be able to interact with children until Jude’s team have given him the all clear. We will be in isolation for 9-12months after transplant.