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ViJuFoo goes Facebook

I am not sure if it’s human nature or if it is just me, but I always find that I want to do that little bit more regardless of what we have on our plate. The inspiration to take ViJuFoo to various mediums was no different as we have had a steady following from all around the globe. The thought of our boys growing up with a compromised primary immune deficiency made us start to think about what we could do for them as well as the greater community. We decided that we should try and grow a following of people, that are inspired by our story and are in a position to help. We have already had an overwhelming support from our friends and family both financial and emotional and we want to pay it forward by making a difference. So the first step was to create an educational image and post it to intstagram and follow it up with a couple of tweets.


We didn’t want to stop there and have started to contact our local parliament representatives to see what we can do about arranging for more rubberised playgrounds in Canberra to replace the existing tanbark ones. This presents challenges in itself as we have no idea how to start this and so far have had no response from anyone that we have contacted. So it was to Facebook to gather more of a presence that extends past our circle of friends and we have had an amazing response to our page. This page will be used to share our lives with family, friends and others that are currently or just starting to go through what we have been going through so they know that they are not alone. We are encouraging people to share and like the page as much as possible.

In addition to all of this, we have kicked into overdrive with our fundraising with some exciting initiatives around the corner to raise much needed funds for Jeans for Genes Australia, just to keep us busy.