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Regal Beagle

Spending so much time in hospital we have seen the benefit of so many therapists, play therapists, music therapists, physio therapists, psychological therapists, but nothing beats the qualifications that a four legged therapist can offer. When ever the girls come charging into the apartment after a long leave of absence, the mood of the boys changes dramatically. Today was no different, as Levi saw Ant and Belle come charging through the door the laughter and giggles rippled through the air. I may be just a little biased, but our girls have the most amazing power to brighten the days of everyone they see. As they come and go into our apartment at Ronald McDonald house the children coming and going to the hospital. After a quick family photo it was off for a walk as Belle was showing clear signs of barrel-ism as she had grown accustomed to sneaking into her sisters food bowl at feeding time.

IMG_3675 IMG_3677

As Jude chowed down on his favorite food, a rice cracker, Levi couldn’t hold back his anticipation of making it to the park and was fast asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the apartment. It was fortunate that Levi was taking the time to nap as when we arrived at the park there was a couple of children with a very nasty bark so we loitered until it was all clear. Then Levi was set free to run amok on the slides, swings and climbing ropes.

IMG_3678 IMG_3681 IMG_3685 IMG_3687  IMG_4296 IMG_4300

After a big day, our amazing furry therapist had to go home to their dog sitters for a much needed rest from Levi’s chasing them around the house.

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Dog Day Afternoon

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The girls come to town

Over the last week Levi has been pining for his fur sisters. So after careful consideration (not really that much though) we decided to relocate the girls to Sydney, so that they could be closer to us.  As they are both registered pet therapy, Delta Dogs, we had the luxury of them actually allowed onto the Ronald McDonald House property and able to come into the apartment for the day.

Levi had begun asking about the girls on a daily basis and walking around the house with his two stuffed puppies under each arm. We had often caught him patting each one and having a long conversation with his stuffed version of Tee-Tee & Belle-Belle, so we thought it was time for the girls to make the journey.
imageNathan pulled the short straw on the 12 hour return trip to Canberra and headed straight home after clinic and returning the following morning with the most wonderful gift for Levi. As Levi stood at the front door, his facial expression was one of “is this really happening?” as Belle and Ant thundered into the apartment. Levi had a new lease of life and was beside himself that his sisters had made the special journey to see him. He spent the morning running around after the girls and continually hugging them at every opportunity. Jude was also in a state of joy as he made a grab for Belle as she ran past.

IMG_4203 IMG_3207

IMG_4220 IMG_3222

As the morning wore on, Levi was in desperate need for a nap and the only way this was going to happen was if his two stuffed puppies were to be replaced by the real thing. Once he was fast asleep, the girls snuck out and had some quality time with mum and dad as we knocked back a nice cup of tea.

IMG_3211 IMG_3212


Unfortunately the Ronald McDonald House reception for furry family members or Pet Therapy dogs does not extend to overnight stays so as the evening wore on, Levi bid his farewells to the girls and Nathan took them over to St Ives. The departure was slightly delayed due to Jude acting a little funny and deciding to vomit without a break, however it eventually subsided and we didn’t need to take a trip to ED. A special thanks to Robert, Glenn, Zane & Luke for opening your house and hearts to our girls and for the amazing updates (video and pictures) of the girls in their holiday habitat and with their new boyfriends.



Happy Birthday Ant!

Well today is Ant’s birthday, and we are not there to enjoy it with her. We know she is in wonderful hands but I have to say, that it doesn’t make it any easier to be away from our beautiful girls. It is not just us that are missing them, we have beautiful photos plastered all over the unit of our girls and we often find Levi just staring at the pictures and it breaks our hearts that they cannot be here with us and sharing this journey first hand. Yesterday we received a package out of the blue for the whole family from Labrador Rescue which was full of amazing gifts for the whole family (including the furry members) which was such a coincidence with Ant’s birthday just on the horizon. So in honor of our beautiful labrador on her special day, we felt that she deserved a post dedicated solely to her, here are some pictures of her over the years….

Ant arriving home…


Her first real photo shoot…

2010-05-04 13.23.43

Just another day of training at Tuggernong Dog Training Club…

2011-03-29 19.31.36

A hard night of partying… Nothing more to be said about from 1 years just don’t have that party drive yet…


Still has the potential of that modelling career at 2…


How can you say no to a 3 year old, look into those eyes and say no…

2013-04-19 13.50.59

Work out where the treats are…

2013-11-17 10.02.28

Happy birthday Ant, we hope you enjoy your day, a special bone and a long walk…