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We’re a young family with two boys recently diagnosed with a genetic disease known as CGD.

Our oldest son Levi was diagnosed with CGD at 20 months of age, when we were six months pregnant with our second son, Jude.

Levi had a bone marrow transplant in January 2014 which has cured his symptoms of CGD, however treatment is still ongoing. Jude had his bone marrow transplant in November 2014 with his treatment ongoing and a few complexities along the way.

Hope, Love, Inspire & Dream

We have created this website in the Hope that we can share a CGD story and a soon to be moment in time that we have lived through.  We will be living & loving life to the full with our boys with every ounce of Love we can muster, regardless of where we are as long as we are together.  As a family we hope to Inspire other families of children with rare diseases & we Dream to know what it’s like to live a normal life with two healthy boys.

Hope, Love, Inspire & Dream is the mantra that we will live by until both our boys are cured.

This is our story…


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Hey little man – keep up the good work – to Nathan, Jayde and Levi – always thinkging about you guys – Lots of love – Susie

Three weeks into the start of your transplant. Keep up the good fight
There is lots of love from everyone helping through this xxxxxxxxxxxx

Today is the star of your healing journey. I will be thinking of you and sending my love every step of the way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Apologies to those of you following the blog and aren’t on social media. We are home and looking to getting the blog updated shortly…we are only a month behind!!

Day 99 🙂
Great job little guy
Your mum & dad’s love & dedication have been the driving force of a fantastic job of getting you through the BMT
Excellent work team Levi

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