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A special visit

On a quiet rainy Saturday morning in Randwick there was a buzz of excitement in the air, as there was a very special visitor coming for morning tea.  Ronald McDonald house was sparkling, morning tea was baking and their was a security team doing a sweep of the house and surrounding area.  As this was the first time a visitor to the house had brought such a entourage, we wondered if it was just the guest we were told about, or if some royals might be popping past as well?!  Yes, I am guilty of starting that rumor, though also knew at the back of my mind that it was unlikely as Wills & Kate were finishing up their tour of NZ, though it was fun to speculate.

Royals aside, Jude and I were lucky enough to attend a very special morning tea with the Governor General and his wife.

The GG had a tour of the house and gave a lovely speech, once the “official” part of his visit was over he and his wife were able to relax and have some morning tea with the families staying at the house.  Neither Lady Cosgrove or the GG could resist Jude’s charms and both rushed to be the first to greet him, with Lady Cosgrove winning some cuddles with Jude, while the GG was sent to another table.

It was a lovely morning and equally as nice to meet Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife, Lady Cosgrove.
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* Photo’s are courtesy of the Governor General’s office,