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Waking up to dreams

This morning was an early morning wake up call when the fire alarm went off, though the sleepiness was quickly rubbed out of our eyes once we knew what this meant, Fire Engines and Firefighters!!

With no smell of smoke it was pretty safe to assume it was a false alarm, so we waited patiently for the “Nee Oor Nee Oor” to come at let us know we could continue to go about our day.

Once Levi had heard the sirens get closer and closer he could barely contain his excitement and was desperate for us to move towards the sound.  He didn’t believe us when we said we had the best spot to see all the action.  Levi’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw the flashing lights and have two trucks pull up outside the apartment.

What a great start to the day, it gave us lots to talk about while filling in time up at clinic.

IMG_3189 IMG_3190

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