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The upside of Chemo

What a difference 24 hours makes!!

It would appear that we have turned a corner… from our sad unhappy little man of the past few days, we have silly, crazy, happy Jude back!! I can’t tell you how much we have missed him!! Our little showman is back to entertaining all who enter the room and is very much back to being like the puppy in the pet shop window, desperate to win you over with his antics.


Though with a better mood it doesn’t mean we have been drama free, with Jude’s central line deciding to give us a scare. Both of Jude’s lumen’s decided to get harder to draw back on, which meant that when they were trying to take his daily bloods for testing, his blood wasn’t flowing as freely as it should. The white lumen had a visible clot that could be seen in the line and his red lumen had his blood clotting as it was coming out of the line. This can be common, so we were told. The first step was to run some anti-clotting agents down the line called heparin. Unfortunately they didn’t do the trick, so we had to call for something a little harder hitting and a little riskier called urokinase. The positive about having urokinase in the lines was that Jude had to be unplugged from his machines so that the anti coagulant could just sit in the lines and do their thing. So Jude was unplugged and free to roam his room for 3 hours!! He made sure he took full advantage of the situation, and explored all those things that he had been looking at though unable to touch. The good news is that it worked and we now have a full functioning central line again.

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