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Well it was one of weeks where you wonder what happened and is it really progressing?
As Sunday night came around the nurses began coining the phrase “engraftment” for those that don’t know what that means, it is basically a point in the treatment where it is confirmed that the marrow has began grafting onto the existing marrow. This is both an exciting time and a nervous time as they are not sure which marrow is actually doing the grafting. It could be Levi’s or the donors. The first indication that engraftment is occurring is Levi’s neutrophil beginning to rise. It wasn’t until Monday morning that it was officially confirmed that the graft had taken and although we were not sure whose graft it actually was it was none the less very exciting as it was progress. Levi was also excited as he had received a special present from our weekend getaway in the form of some very cool Hoot pyjamas, my only regret is that I didn’t get the matching ones so that we could have basked in Levi’s ‘cuteness’ spotlight.

IMG_4024Levi spent the early part of the week enjoying the arts and crafts whilst we waited with anticipation to see what his blood results would do. As it was just a waiting game I took the opportunity to launch into promoting the Jeans for Genes Day cause with my friends and family and was truly taken back by the overwhelming support and love that we received in the first 24 hours having reached 14% of our goal for fundraising. Levi took the opportunity to seek some inspiration from Oma’s scrap book before organising us for some paint therapy.

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