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Chemo, ding ding, round three

I woke this morning before Levi which was a nice change as it gave me the opportunity to take 5 and just watch him sleep under natural light rather than the light from my phone. It was one of those rare moments between a father and son that reminded me why we are doing this and filled my heart with a kind of warmness. It was a sensation that is hard to explain but all I can say is that if you have ever experienced it, you know what I mean, and if you haven’t experienced it, then I can’t wait til you do.

I managed to retreat back to bed, just as he awoke and there was a moment where you could see in his eyes that he thought he had beaten me to the point again, until he realised I was starting at him which gave him a smile that could have contributed largely to global warming. It was on. By the time breakfast had arrived, we managed to play with his trains, build a block tower that surpassed his bed and sing every song that i know (in my defence, that is not that many). He was obviously feeling better this morning after a good night sleep and not realising that I had managed to rescue him from a face forward caterpillar crawl from his bed at around 1am.

By the time Jayde and Jude had arrived, Levi was in full form and his morning activities were followed closely by some quality time with his brother. When Angela arrived to give us an hour away to grab a coffee, Levi was in a great position for his morning nap in order to face his third round of chemo all refreshed. By lunch the chemo was in full flow and yet again, Levi was eyeing off the food shoot and not so subtly reminding us that his lunch had arrived sometime ago and demanding that it be served to him in not so many words, Again he strived to eat his way through this chemo session with me in constant fear of wearing what he was eating. Fortunately there was no need for a chuck bag asides from storing his toys in and pretending that he is an elephant with it.

With no remarkable temperatures and normal observations, Levi managed to get through session three, so there must be a lot of positive energy out there.


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The little guy is truly loved by everyone, & the positive energy will keep coming for his full journey well after he completes his 100 days

What a beautiful post Nate. It is definitely a special thing to watch our children sleep, it makes your heart swell. Yay to Levi, you are doing well little guy and are constantly in my thoughts. XOXOXO

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