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As I sit here and look back at the last 24 hours all I can say is wow! How did we just pull that rabbit out of a hat. Having arrived last night from Canberra just before midnight we were up with Levi at his normal 6am calling hour. It was up to shower and assess the state of the room. It was almost like the car had thrown its contents into our small room at RMH and quickly driven off leaving us to sort through the chunks. So after plowing through the contents I managed to pack some gear into a bag for myself and Levi grabbed his penguin bag and we were off laden like pack horses, we made our way to the admissions desk. Now I know I am his dad so I have to be proud of my boy, but I have to say that the cuteness that oozed from Levi on the way up to his ward filled me with pride.

IMG_2673 IMG_2675 IMG_2677 IMG_2678

Onto the ward we were shown our room, everything, and I mean everything was sterilised upon entry and it was all stowed away. Levi was happy to be free of all lines at this point and made certain we were aware of it as he tore around the ward looking as cute as ever. At around 12, he eventually crashed out on his bed. This was the first bed he has ever slept on and it seemed to fit, or we just really like a challenge, still undecided on that one. 15 minutes later we were told that Levi had to go for a quick chest xray. Jayde had little faith in my ability to transport the little guy without waking him up so it was up to me to collect the evidence that it was mission successful.

IMG_2683Back in the room, Levi was hooked up to the IV to get his central lines working again, as sitting in hibernation for a week had meant that the lines were not working as expected. A few hours later, and a run down on what we should be expecting for the next hundred or so days the tests began. Levi to all his credit was more accepting of the procedures this week than what he was last week, but then, he doesn’t really know any different and it is possible that when he is in a hospital bed, the tests and procedures are just the norm. As the night approached, there was time enough for a quick family photo and a good night kiss to his baby brother and mum, then it was off to bed with his first round of pre chemo medication under his belt.

IMG_2693 IMG_3795

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These photos are so great.
The first few with the penguin bag are gorgeous, like a little soldier marching into battle. *Right! Let’s do this!*

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