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A Modern Day Superhero

Tonight on the other side of the world a superhero is giving an amazing selfless gift, he is giving my baby boy the hope that he could live a CGD free life.

To the healthy 26 year old German man who’s bone marrow perfectly matches Levi’s in every possible way, I’m in total awe at the wonderful donation you are making. You are probably prepping for a painful surgery as I write this, for a little boy who you don’t even know and a family who are overwhelmed by your generosity.  I can’t thank-you enough.  We are looking forward to contacting you in 12 months time, to thank you personally and let you know how much our healthy little man is thriving because of your gift. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!

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This is amazing, what a superhero indeed. So you get to contact him in time? That’s tops. I’ve got a giant high five with his name on it.
Thanks for the updates Fultons!

That’s right Laura. In 1 years time via a letter through our doctor’s to his doctor’s and then in 3 years time we can contact him directly if he is willing.

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